Police School Liaison Program

Philosophy of the Police School Liaison Program
Prevention through education and communication

Goals of the Program
  • Help youth and adults view the police department as a helping agency with the responsibility to educate, protect and serve all citizens.
  • Decrease the amount of future crime by a concentrated crime prevention effort aimed at school age youth.
  • Increase the reporting rates of crime committed against youth and their property.
  • Decrease cime in the community.

What are Liaison Officers?

Liaison Officers are selected from the ranks of the Fox Valley Metro Police Dept. for a limited term. The Officers have a special interest in interacting with youth and feel they can make a difference in their lives.

Liaison Officers work closely with the faculty of their assigned schools to address concerns on delinquency, substance abuse and family matters.

Liaison Officers work with Social Service agencies to help youth with community, school and family problems.

Liaison Officers investigate cases of child abuse, neglect, sexual assault and crime in the school. 

Crime Prevention and Safety Programs

Liaison Officers are frequently in the classrooms of Kimberly and Little Chute schools giving presentations on a variety of topics.

Elementary & Middle School Level

  • Physical & Sexual Abuse Prevention 
  • CounterAct drug & alcohol program 
  • GREAT gang prevention program  
  • Legal issues 
  • Traffic and Personal Safety
  • Bike Safety 
  • Stranger Awareness

High School Level

  • Driver Education 
  • Legal issues
  •  Drug and Alcohol Prevention 
  • Personal Safety

Kimberly & Little Chute Schools

Mapleview Intermediate School phone 788-7910

    Officers are assigned to the listed schools on a regular basis. They can be contacted by calling the school or the police department.

    Officers are available to parochial schools when requested.

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