Key Box Program

What is the Key Box Program?

This program, used nationwide, is used by Fire and Police Departments so that a key kept in a secured key box mounted outside the business or apartment building is available for after-hours emergencies.

Why is it Important?

This program allows firefighters to have immediate access to a building in the event of a fire or fire alarm and avoid damage to a door in the event a forced entry is necessary. Police also can benefit in the event of a burglary or other emergency and can access the building without undue delay.

How can the key boxes be purchased?

Lappen Security Products in Little Chute has been selected as one of the vendors for this program.  They will provide the "Supra Universal Key Box" with a "ASSA" high security lock.  The key box can be ordered by calling Lappen at (920)734-3027.  We also use the "Knox Box" which can only be received by mail order.  The Knox Box is not carried by Lappen Security.  If desired, contact Fox Valley Metro Police Department.

What is the cost?

The cost of the box is $150.00 if you install it yourself and $225.00 if Lappen installs it for you.

What about key control?

Keys can only be possessed by the Fire and Police Departments in your community. Personnel from the business will not be permitted to have a key so that the security of other participating businesses is not jeopardized.

Who do I call with further questions?


Fox Valley Metro Police Department,  
ask for Officer Scott Van Schyndel, (920) 788-7505 

Kimberly Fire Chief - (920) 788-7500  

Little Chute Fire Chief - (920) 788-7390

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