Crime Stoppers is a Police-Community Program geared toward the fight against crime. It involves the PUBLIC, the MEDIA and the POLICE.

QUAD Communities Crime Stoppers offers cash rewards up to $1000 and anonymity to citizens who furnish information leading to the arrest, bind over and/or conviction of all felony and certain misdemeanor offenders, and the recovery of stolen property and dangerous drugs.



QUAD Communities Crime Stoppers is a nonprofit, tax-exempt organization that is funded primarily by private donations from members of the community. This includes individuals, corporations, associations, clubs, retailers and other organizations. All contributions are tax-deductible.


A Board of Directors, composed of a cross section of prominent citizens through-out the QUAD Communities, oversees the Crime Stoppers Program. They determine and approve the rewards to be paid, based on the information presented by the Law Enforcement Liaison Coordinator. The citizen who furnishes the information to Crime Stoppers remains anonymous. The Board is presented only the facts and the code number assigned when the call was received. No other identifier is used.


In order to publicize the Crime Stoppers Program and maintain a high profile in the community, a specific unsolved felony or misdemeanor crime is selected weekly and featured on local television stations. In addition, the selected crime is aired on the radio stations throughout the area and appears in the daily newspaper.

Crime Stoppers does not pay for TV, radio and newspaper time or space. All production expenses and air time costs are absorbed by the cooperating media as a public service.

Nearly all newspapers, radio stations and television stations in the QUAD Communities are participating in this effort.


Most of the information received by Crime Stoppers is via the telephone. An easy number, (920) 788-9090 has been established for Crime Stoppers use. It is manned by Police Officers from 8 a.m. - 4 p.m., Monday through Friday. If your phone call is unable to be answered you may leave a message on the QUAD Communities Crime Stoppers answering machines. The answering machines are on 24 hours, 7 days a week.

When a call is received, it is logged with the date, time and brief summary of the caller's information. Callers are furnished with a secret code number which is used in all subsequent transactions. Callers may remain anonymous, with no pressure to reveal their identity and still collect rewards.


Cash rewards are payable to any person whose information leads directly to the arrest, bind over and/or conviction of an offender. Rewards are offered automatically upon the commission of a felony offense or certain misdemeanors, and the recovery of stolen property and dangerous drugs, and remain in effect until withdrawn by the Board of Directors.


Crime Stoppers has helped police solve felony cases and aided in the recovery of thousands of dollars worth of stolen property and dangerous drugs.

Thousands of dollars in rewards have been paid to citizens of Wisconsin for information that resulted in the arrest, bind over or conviction of offenders.

In addition, Crime Stoppers works with every Police Department in the QUAD Communities and in Outagamie County by forwarding the information to those agencies for investigations.




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