Business Security Programs

In keeping with our purpose statement, Fox Valley Metro Police Department strives to work with the business community.  One of the services we provide for our business owners is doing physical security surveys. The physical security surveys consist of an officer walking through the business and looking for security deficiencies or crime opportunities. The officer shares suggestions on how to correct the identified deficiencies. Our goal is to decrease the odds of your business becoming a crime victim.

During the night shift, our officers patrol the business districts and conduct security checks. The security checks can consist of the officer walking around the business ensuring that all the doors and windows are secure. If officers were to find an unsecured door, they would enter the building to make sure no one was inside. An officer would then fill out and open door card, which informs the business of the security problem. The open door card is left inside the business so the employees find it when they return to work. Lastly the officers secure the door as they leave.


If the officers were unable to secure a door, they would call one of the employees listed on the call out list for that business and explain the problem. The same procedure would be followed if the officers discovered that a business was broken into.
If the officers find a security deficiency, other than an open door, they have a form that they fill out stating the problem. The form will be forwarded to the Community Support Officer who will phone the business during normal working hours explaining the potential problem.


We understand that we do not have all the answers. If you or your business has a suggestion, we are willing to listen. Please call the Community Support Officer at (920)788-7505.

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