Fox River Boardwalk Study

The Village of Little Chute and City of Kaukauna have completed a Feasibility and Cost Analysis study for a multi-modal boardwalk to cross the Fox River. 
The Village of Little Chute and City of Kaukauna worked together with engineering consultant, GRAEF, from September of 2016 to March 2017 to perform a Cost Analysis and Feasibility Study on a Multi-Modal Boardwalk that would cross the Fox River from the Heritage Parkway Trail in Little Chute to the recently acquired abandoned railway on the Kaukauna side. This would be a wonderful spot to connect the two communities’ trail systems and create a beautiful spot to observe nature, fish, walk, bike, or run. This would also create a safe way for families to walk or bike without having to cross the Highway 55 Bridge in Kaukauna or Highway N Bridge in Little Chute. 

The goals of this study were to get input from the communities on this project, create a concept plan based off of the community feedback, investigate funding options, investigate further partnerships, and create a project cost estimate. 

The two communities hosted four public informational meetings on this project in October and November of 2016 and January of 2017. 

Project Map
Base Map
Current Trail Attendance
The Heesakker Bridge, Heritage Parkway Trail, and Mill Street Bridge have been heavily utilized since 2012. We have a trail counter located on the Heesakker Bridge. The statistics from that tracker are listed below. The average attendace per year that cross the bridge is 24,566. It is a very popular trail system for the Village of Little Chute.
Heesakker Bridge Attendance Statistics