Downtown Senior Housing Opportunity

The Village of Little Chute is offering an interested developer an exciting senior housing development opportunity located in our historic downtown.  The village has assembled and owns a parcel in the Central Business District (CBD) that would accommodate roughly 30 to 70 units. Construction of the facility could be phased over time to optimize development.  In addition, our entire team is committed to identifying and working with a successful developer to execute this worthwhile project that will complement other efforts already underway in the downtown. 

The Village of Little Chute is committed to identifying a first-class partner to create a senior housing development that provides tenants with a walkable and high-quality option in our downtown. If your firm would be interested in speaking with the Village of Little Chute about this opportunity, please contact the Village Administrator at 920-423-3850 or to learn more.  We look forward to working with a project team that can execute an exceptional senior housing development in our Central Business District in 2017.   

Senior Housing