Road Projects


The Village of Little Chute Department of Public Works is constantly undertaking a variety of projects ranging form road construction, water and sewer replacement and storm water management. Throughout the course of the year, road project updates will be available.

New Concrete Sidewalk Information - Salt

With winter comes snow and ice removal. Besides shoveling or using a snowblower, many sidewalks, driveways, parking lots, and streets are covered in salt to melt ice and snow and make concrete safer. However, using salt on your new concrete could end up harming it.

If your home has a new concrete sidewalk this year due to TDS or AT&T construction do not place salt on it the first year. 

Your new concrete is in its most fragile state the first year after it is poured. It needs time to  cure. settle, and gain strength to avoid breaking or cracking in the future.

Fiber-optic Network Construction

Starting in November 2020 White Construction on behalf of TDS started a fiber to home initiative in the Village of Little Chute.  The fiber-optic network will eventually reach all the Fox Valley area.  Construction started North of 41 in the Streamview Lane, Arts Way, Evergreen Drive area.  Residents will receive communication when work will begin in their area.  One example is the door hanger pictured below.  Work will continue during the winter weather dependent.  Any questions regarding this project call 1-855-259-8576 or visit

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