Yard Waste

Yard Waste Disposal
Yard waste includes garden debris, hedge and tree trimmings that are too small to bundle, leaves, grass clippings, and lawn rakings.

The Village will not pick up yard waste (both loose in the street and in bags). Our crews will pick up yard waste that is bagged with a $2 sticker attached.  For residents who don't want to purchase yard waste stickers for curbside pickup of yard waste, please consider using our yard waste site.  The site is available seven days a week from dawn to dusk to Little Chute residents who purchase an access control card.  The site will be closed for the winter once we get snow that remains on the ground.  The site will reopen in spring (date determined by staff) once the ground dries.

Yard Waste Access Control Card

The initial cost for the access control card is $20.  Residents who previously purchased a card can reactivate their card for a fee of $5.  Residents who purchase the access control card for the first time will pay a $20 fee (subsequent year's renewal fee to be determined by the Village Board).  Residents only may purchase their access control card at the Little Chute Village Hall at 108 W. Main Street (please bring drivers license for proof of residency).  We only accept cash or check for payment.

Yard Waste Site Information

The newly secured yard waste site can only be accessed on Nixon Street (located just east of Buchanan Street).  The previous entrance off Buchanan Street is no longer in use.  The site is secured by an electric gate with surveillance video cameras.  The Public Works Dept keeps a computer file listing the name and address of the resident who purchased the access control card.  Only people living at that address will be allowed to use the same access control card.  The site is available seven days a week from dawn to dusk for residents with a access control card (site is closed once snow stays on the ground and will reopen in spring once the ground dries).

Only yard waste (garden debris, small hedge trimmings that are too small to bundle, leaves, grass clippings, and lawn rakings) is allowed to be dropped off at this site.  NO brush, garbage, recycling, etc. may be dropped off at the site.  Residents who do not follow these rules will have their access control card discontinued, and will not be allowed to purchase another one in the same year.

Curbside Yard Waste Pickup Information

Residents who want to have curbside pickup of their bagged yard waste (garden debris, small hedge trimmings that are too small to bundle, leaves, grass clippings, and lawn rakings) must purchase $2 yard waste disposal stickers to attach to the bags.  Stickers can be purchased at the Little Chute Village Hall (108 W. Main Street).  Bagged yard waste with the sticker attached will be picked up curbside on Wednesdays from Spring (April) to Fall (September).  Bags with the stickers attached must be placed curbside by 7:00am or the night before.

Leaf Vac/Pan Information

In the fall (when a significant number of leaves have fallen), the village will schedule the leaf vac and leaf pan to pickup leaves that have been placed loose in the terrace. Residents may commingle their leaves, garden debris, and grass clippings for pickup by the leaf vac. All items must be less than the size of the apple so not to clog the vac. 

 Residents who have brush for the chipper should place the branches on the terrace and call 423-3869 for pickup.  [See article below for details]

Brush Pickup Information

Little Chute property owners/renters MUST CALL IN their property address to the Park, Recreation & Forestry Dept at 423-3869 to have their address added to the brush chipping list (residents do not need to call in for pickup of christmas trees).  If calling after hours, please leave a message that you have brush out and include your complete street address.  When the brush pickup list is sufficient enough to send out the chipping crew, they will be sent to the addresses on the list.  If you don't call in your brush, it will not be picked up.  Brush cannot be dropped off, you must call-in for curbside pickup.  If you hire a company to trim and/or take down trees on your property, they are responsible for brush removal (per village ordinance, the village will not pickup brush trimmed by a company you hired).

Brush Pickup Rules

Place your branches curbside with the cut ends facing the same direction; stack piles neatly.  Mobile home park residents must bring their brush to the nearest village street.  Brush should never lie in the street or on the sidewalk.  KEEP BRUSH AS STRAIGHT AND AS LONG AS POSSIBLE.  Brush that is shorter (4 feet in length or less), thorny brush, and evergreen branches need to be bundled with string, not wire.  Brush that is too short in length to bundle must be disposed of as yard waste.