Field Rentals

If your team or group is interested in renting a softball/baseball or soccer field for private use, please contact the Parks, Recreation & Forestry Department at 423-3869.

Softball/Baseball Field Rental Fees
  • Field Rental (no lights) = $15/hour per diamond         
  • Field Rental With Lights = $20/hour per diamond
  • Tournament Rental = $200/day per field plus cost of facility supervisor ($8-$10/hr)
  • Tournament Security Deposit = $200
Soccer Field Rental Fees
  • Field Rental = $10/hour per field        
  • Tournament Rental = $150/day per field
  • Tournament Security Deposit = $200
Field Rental Rules
  • Renter accepts that they will be held fully responsible for any damage caused by anyone attending their games.
  • Renter understands that the Village has the right to cancel play on the field for reasons deemed necessary.
  • Renter understands that they are only allowed to use the field and lights on the dates and times listed on the agreement form. They understand that use of the field and lights on dates/times not listed on agreement form will cause them to loose any/all privileges to the fields and lights with no refund for upcoming rental dates.
  • Renter understands that no refunds of rental fees will be issued for rental dates where games were not played due to field cancellation or group conflict.
  • Renter understands that no alcoholic beverages will be allowed.
  • Renter understands that no glass bottles or containers of any kind are allowed in the village  parks.
  • Renter understands that no pets are allowed in the village parks.
  • Renter understands that all noise must be kept at a controlled situation.
If rental is approved for a team/group, then the renter will be required to go to the Park & Rec Department (108 W. Main Street) to sign an agreement form and pay the total amount due.  The renter will be given a copy of the approved field rental agreement form.